It doesnt matter if you’re getting married, hosting a private party, or in charge of organizing a large scale public display for thousands of people, we can cater for any budget and design and fire a stunning display to suit your every needs.

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When thinking of booking a professional fireworks display and deciding on your budget there is a few things worth considering…

Time – How long would you like your display to last, this can range from 5 minutes to 30+ minutes.

Intensity – Would you like a short display with maximum intensity, or a slightly longer display which is slightly slower?

Location – We can do the hard work for you. We will speak with the venue and establish a safe firing site if possible. This can include boats, barges and rooftops! Please contact us if you need help with your location.

When – Bright Sparks can fire a display any time before 11pm by law. However, certain times of the year (e.g New Years) this is extended.

Music – Have you thought of music? We can fire a display which is choreographed to music of your choice, and the fireworks will dance with the music.

Bright Sparks do not expect you to know the answers to these questions right away. Thats why our experienced display team are here to help you make the all important decisions and advise you along the way to ensure you get the exact display you dreamed of. 

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Professional Fireworks Display FAQ’s

The cost can completely vary based on your requirements. Our professional display packages start from just £499 (plus vat).
We can provide indoor pyrotechnics displays to suite all venue sizes, Please get in touch for more information.
All fireworks displays we perform are covered by our own £10m public and products liability insurance.
You can legally use fireworks any day of the year between 7am and 11pm. There are extensions to this; on Guy Fawkes Night you can use them until 12am and on New Years Eve, Christmas, Chinese New Year and Divali until 1am.
Yes we do! We stock one of the UK's largest selection of retail Fireworks. Contact us or visit our online shop for more information.
We have fired displays in all sorts of locations, on boats, on lakes, on rivers, in city centres and in some of the tightest locations, it all depends on exactly where you have mind. Ideally we like a big open space at least the size of a football pitch.
We can produce a quiet fireworks display if your venue or guests are noise sensitive! Colourful combinations of roman candles, stunning sweeps of stars, fountains and fans of glittering gold and tumbling silver waterfalls paint serene pictures in the sky.
The show goes on. The only weather which seriously threatens a firework display is high wind.