“Breathtaking displays that push the boundaries of technology and firepower”

Firework displays are becoming more and more popular at all varieties of celebrations around the world. We have the perfect display for any occasion! Fired and timed to your selected music, we guarantee our displays will bring the WOW! factor to any event.

By sourcing products from around the globe we are able to provide you with what we consider to be the best products in their class. We do not compromise on quality for price! We are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and firepower to bring you breathtaking displays.

We only use the best available firing equipment – Our FireOne system is a state-of-the-art digital firing system that is capable of igniting fireworks with split-second accuracy. Using electrically-ignited fireworks is by far the safest method of presenting displays and gives the operator greater control over the display. We have the ability to test the connection of every firework in the show. Once this test has been completed and your audience are ready, away we go…